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Re: bbSync



Hey fel…

Basically the way I use it right now is I have about a dozen custom fields that I’ve created and I use these to put certain data into a table format in my posts. I have the custom fields hard coded into my my wordpress templates inside the loop section. If on a certain post I need to put data into this table format I fill out the custom field section on the Write Post screen when I’m writing the post. Then of course when I publish the post the custom fields that I’ve filled out show up in the table format in my post. I hope that makes sense…

Basically I guess what I need to know is if there is a way for me to hard code the custom field tags into the bbsync.php file so that it would pull those from the word press post and if so where I would put them in the bbsync.php file. I guess I don’t really need to use the plugin I told you about in my earlier post. If I could just put the custom field tags into the bbysync file and have them pull in that would be great.

Anyway, I hope that makes sense… Thanks for your help!

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