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Re: bbSync

Yo Dreamstruck. When you say that you also have bbPress Post 0.41 installed, I hope you realise that bbsync (intentionally) kills its functioning? If it didn’t, you would get duplicate topics.

I recommend pressing that Migrate button in the bbsync admin, as it will mean that bbsync will work on all topics previously synced with bbPress Post. It would, however, also stop bbPress Post working with that old data, so if you’re (understandably; I am :P) hesitant about bbsync you probably wouldn’t want to do that.

Cheers muchly, if you hadn’t pointed that out I would have had that error for all time – I entirely forgot to test if the topic was synced before replacing comments. I’ll upload .91 in a few minutes.

There is unfortunately no way to bulk sync old topics (unless they were done using bbPress Post), as topics can only be posted at the current time (while still using the API) (so you could sync them, but it would flood the forum with out-of-date stuff). But maybe that can be made to work; not in the immediate future, but it’s something that I would also like for my setup so I’ll give it a shot at least.

Custom fields don’t show up right now, but I could come some functionality to do it for sures. What specifically would you want to happen?

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