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Re: bbSync

hey fel et al.,

found another issue which i just spent way too much time trying to figure out.. why is it that anywhere bb_get_option is called, it returns nothing? somehow the bb_get_option function doesn’t have access to the $bb object. I placed the following 2 lines of code in my bbpress functions.php, at the top of the bb_get_option function (after the line that reads global $bb;:

echo " $option ";

and i got:

akismet_key mod_rewrite use_cache active_plugins usercookie usercookie page_topics

— notice, the requested option names are being echoed, but there’s no output from print_r($bb). why isn’t $bb set in the bb_get_option function?

this issue is causing bbrepliestext() to output:

Warning: Division by zero in /httpdocs/discuss/bb-includes/functions.php on line 1465

if the “Do you want me to load bbPress whenever to make things like links nicer?” option is checked in Options > bbSync. To be specific, the error comes from line 500 in bbsync.php

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