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Re: bbRating – problems in FF



I want to add my voice to this request…….

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if there is anyone capable of taking over support/fixing of this plugin PLEASE help – it is definitely NOT getting any support from the original plugin author – I’ve even tried email him directly multiple times with NO response, and it definitely does NOT work for me at all in any browser (I’m using bbPress version Hovering over stars changes their color but clicking does nothing at all – no changes are recorded, colors never “stick”, averages never change – it displays but does not appear to work.

I don’t have much to donate but I would definitely contribute, and I bet others would as well to get this fixed because it could be a great plugin if it worked reliably.

P.S. I KNOW there is a very long list of posts on this plugin’s page here at bbPress – but the plugin author stopped responding over a year ago, and no one else has tried to help those of us who still have problems, so it seems like posting there is not productive…..

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