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bbRating – problems in FF

  • mithrandir321


    Hello, would any of the more experienced folks on this forum please take a look at bbRating plugin and the problems we’ve come across lately. This plugin’s support seems to be discontinued so you’re are only chance. Any help/suggestions on behalf of all who asked would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks!

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  • TrishaM


    I want to add my voice to this request…….

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if there is anyone capable of taking over support/fixing of this plugin PLEASE help – it is definitely NOT getting any support from the original plugin author – I’ve even tried email him directly multiple times with NO response, and it definitely does NOT work for me at all in any browser (I’m using bbPress version Hovering over stars changes their color but clicking does nothing at all – no changes are recorded, colors never “stick”, averages never change – it displays but does not appear to work.

    I don’t have much to donate but I would definitely contribute, and I bet others would as well to get this fixed because it could be a great plugin if it worked reliably.

    P.S. I KNOW there is a very long list of posts on this plugin’s page here at bbPress – but the plugin author stopped responding over a year ago, and no one else has tried to help those of us who still have problems, so it seems like posting there is not productive…..



    How about trying to raise him at his website?

    I thought that he was one of the original programmers for bbPress, although I see more from sambauers these days.



    Hi Chris – actually I have tried emailing him, twice, and got no response at all. I notice that he hasn’t posted on the bbPress forum for around 8 months or so. Perhaps he has lost interest? Or perhaps my email just got blocked – who knows? I’m going to try leaving a comment on his site. I would have sworn I already did this once (maybe I dreamed it?) but I don’t see it there so I’ll give it another go, or a first go, whichever.


    TrishaM – I have this working on a installation… you can see it in action here:

    What tags did you put into your template to enabling voting (and the display of the votes)?



    Hi John – sorry for the delay in responding…….I have the following in my topic.php file

    <div id="rating">Average Rating For This Topic:
    <?php if ( function_exists( 'bb_rating' ) ) bb_rating(); ?>
    <br />Rate This Topic Yourself:
    <?php if ( function_exists( 'bb_rating' ) ) bb_rating_dingus(); ?>

    You can see it in action at:

    But I think you do have to be logged in to see/use it – I’m always logged so I can’t remember ;)

    Here’s the code from my topic page template – hope it helps!

    <div style=”width:400px”>

    <div style=”float:left”>Average Rating:</div>

    <?php bb_rating(); ?>

    <div style=”float:left”> Your Rating: </div>

    <?php if (bb_is_user_logged_in()) :?>

    <?php bb_rating_dingus(); ?>

    <?php else : ?>

    You must log in to vote.

    <?php endif; ?>

    <br clear=”all”/>

    <?php bb_rating_count($topic->topic_id); ?>




    Hi John – thanks for the code. I copied it exactly & pasted it into my topic.php (except for the styles) but it still didn’t work for me, so I removed the requirement to log in to vote, with still no luck. Hovering changes the stars color, but clicking does nothing at all.

    Do you think it’s likely that there’s a conflict with another plugin that might be causing it to not work? I’m using the following plugins (in addition to bbRatings):


    Bozo Users

    BBCode lite

    BBCode buttons toolbar

    BBPress signatures

    BBPress smilies

    Topics Per Page

    bbPress tweaks

    Human test for bbPress

    Moderator new post notification

    The only one I think I could do without is the smilies, but I really want to keep the others more than the ratings if I can’t figure out how to get it working……P.S. Two days since I posted on mdawaffe’s blog and still no response…..I just get the impression that he doesn’t want to support this any more……

    Try disabling all your plugins and see if it works?

    If it does work with all plugins off, turn them on one at a time… and test the ratings/stars after each plugin is enabled. When it stops working, we’ll know we found the conflict!

    The other possibility is that it’s a conflict with your CSS. If it doesn’t work even with all the plugins off, try activating Kakumei and seeing if adding stars to that works for you?



    Thanks John – I’ll give those two suggestions a try over the weekend and post back by Monday if not sooner

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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