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Re: bbRating – problems in FF



Hi John – thanks for the code. I copied it exactly & pasted it into my topic.php (except for the styles) but it still didn’t work for me, so I removed the requirement to log in to vote, with still no luck. Hovering changes the stars color, but clicking does nothing at all.

Do you think it’s likely that there’s a conflict with another plugin that might be causing it to not work? I’m using the following plugins (in addition to bbRatings):


Bozo Users

BBCode lite

BBCode buttons toolbar

BBPress signatures

BBPress smilies

Topics Per Page

bbPress tweaks

Human test for bbPress

Moderator new post notification

The only one I think I could do without is the smilies, but I really want to keep the others more than the ratings if I can’t figure out how to get it working……P.S. Two days since I posted on mdawaffe’s blog and still no response…..I just get the impression that he doesn’t want to support this any more……

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