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Re: bbP/WP integration problem: can't access Admin control panel after WP login



I was going to start a new topic with almost the same problem.

First off, I’m trying to integrate WordPress MU 2.8.3 and bbPress 1.0.2

The problem I have is the second one behe101 stated before.

When I access my site through WordPress everything works fine. When I access my site through bbPress, and then try to go to, it redirects me here:

I’ve followed Sam’s screencast, step by step, and tried it over three times with fresh installs… but still happens the same. It happens something like described here:

But I don’t know, I did copy/paste exactly what the bbPress Integration plugin output into the wp-config.php file.

Also, when I go to the home page of the site I can see I’m logged in:

WordPress ยต

This is a WordPress Mu powered site.

You can:

* Site Admin

* Log out

* Create a new blog

* Edit this file at wp-content/themes/home/home.php with your favourite text editor and customize this screen.

But it still won’t access the administration dashboard.

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