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Re: bbPress, WPMU and BuddyPress Integration help is coming

John James Jacoby



Once bbPress goes 1.0, I’ve got a write-up in the queue that will go on and I’ll give to Sam also to put here. I’m going to do a walk-through and probably put it on also. Trent and I had talked about joining our efforts together a few weeks back, but I think we’re both waiting for bbPress1.0 to drop.

The only reason I haven’t put anything official out there yet is the process has changed 3 times in the past 3 months and I’d prefer not to add any more info to the mix that will potentially be out-dated before it’s even cited as a valuable reference.

Half the reason there are the questions there are, is because there are 10 different ways to do it, and none of them are correct for every installation/version of each application.

I’ll try to talk to Sam tomorrow on IRC and see if there are any cookie/login/session changes due for bbPress before 1.0, and if not I’ll set something up ASAP.

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