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Re: bbPress v1’s eventual release

I started with a WP2.7 blog so I had no choice but to jump into 1.0 land (this was before the workarounds for .9 were found). And I regret nothing. I have few issues (one, really, but I have a trac ticket #1076 and it seems to be a user pagination vs pretty permalinks issue) and the rest… my users have never noticed.

The current admin experience on trunk is a bit wild :) Some work needs doing, but I like that effort is being made to mimic WP again. I have no issues with the plugins I use (very few plugins) and other than my own stupidity of developing code on a live site, I like 1.0. Will it bloat? Yeah, but since I’m headed down the path of ‘community’ site and will, in all likelihood, end up with BuddyPress one day, I’m not too worried.

On developer principle of the whole thing, I’m with _ck_ with a caveat.

If you’re a nerd who likes mucking around with code, who doesn’t mind bleeding edge, who is comfortable with blowing yourself up and cleaning up, you’ll be fine with 1.0. If you KNOW what you’re getting into (that is you’re reading and are aware of and comfortable with everyone’s troubles), then you’re fine. If you just go ‘Yeah yeah SHINY!’ then you’re in for a world of pain with any product. If you’re not a little bit of a developer, if you’re not good with google, if you’re not okay with things breaking weirdly, then stay on 0.9 and you’ll be happier. Heck, we’ll be happier cause we won’t have to help you dig out from a hole you weren’t prepared to be in :)

Be aware of what you’re getting into with 1.0 and have fun. Or not. Either way works :)

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