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Re: bbpress update soon?



Again, I’m not an official voice for bbPress, but I don’t see how any of the points listed above are incompatible with the idea that bbPress isn’t a finished program. All of the points are true, it’s a useful and usable program, but it’s not done yet.

Over time, based on feedback and user code contributions I am very confident that integration will become virtually painless and almost instantaneous.

bbPress is only a year old in code development. I’m not sure if you realize that. Polished products like vbulletin are EIGHT years old (and $85 a year plus support plus most plugins and themes are commercially sold)

If you are curious about future features you can always browse the TRAC which will give you a rough idea (ignore the date schedule, they’re just vague estimates). Remember, it’s a community project, you can suggest features and contribute bug fixes too via TRAC.

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