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Re: bbpress update soon?



Note that bbPress is not a finished final product. It’s pre-release and therefore in a state of flux. bbPress has always been a bit behind WordPress changes. If you are using bbPress, you are considered an “early adopter” and therefore you have to accept that things aren’t going to be perfect.

No one but maybe Sam or MDA can say when bbPress will have a release that’s 2.6 compatible. There is code in the trunk that supposedly will work but I wouldn’t recommend using the trunk. It has to be ported to the 0.9 branch and then tested. I suspect they may even wait for the 1.0 beta release and I don’t know if that’s two weeks away or two months away.

Again, there is nothing special about the WP 2.6 release – it only has a handful of extra features and no security bug fixes over 2.5.1 – in fact people are having a bunch of little problem with 2.6 still so why rush to upgrade? I was able to easily downgrade back to 2.5.1 with no problems.

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