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Re: bbPress plugin September 15?



Yo Gatuam,

I’m in a real positive mood mate, it’s a glorious day here in Edinburgh (ha, that don’t happen that often) during the largest Arts festival in the world, at a time when we have 8 festivals overlapping in 6 weeks. I am like a pig in the proverbial :D

And if they were subscribed to feeds, most of them would also have subscribed to BuddyPress feeds

That’s a massive presumption matey :)

All i’m saying is, hasn’t 20 years of the internet as we know it shown us not to presume about users? :)

or they would be using WordPress (so they may get to know about it from the dashboard)

If they happened to log in on the 20-24 hours it was on the dashboard ;)

Which gets harder depending on timezones and y’know life. If it was up there for a week, well yeah, I think you’d be closer to being right :)

All i’m saying is this JJJ: Maybe when you make posts about bbPress on other websites, you could do us a favour and make a little 2 line forum post on this website too. All that’s needed is “hello folks, FYI, link”.

From my point of view, this covers 100% of bbPress users, where are not doing it covers less than 100%. To me, in a really positive sense, taking 1 minute to post “FYI, link, :)” and make sure no-one feels lift out is really positive :)

bbPress users have a history of hearing things 3rd/4th/5th hand, and rarely do those things turn out positive. I believe that JJJ’s plug-in will be positive to countless people, and i’m positive he’s the man for the job. Lets communicate about something positive, in a positive way, to all users :D

As opposed to posting about software X, on software Y’s website, and hoping people use software Z to read the news about it for the 24 hours it showed it. That’s just comical – haha actually I wonder if there’s already a dilbert comic that covers such convoluted messaging…

Have a great day folks, i’m off to see my 3rd favourite comic ever tonight

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