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Re: bbPress plugin September 15?



Bro, there is zero doubt in my mind that you were always thinking of us, and your plug-in will please a great many people.

since both blogs feed into the WP dashboard you’re all going to see it regardless

But is it ok to suggest that not everyone who uses bbPress, also checks a WordPress install’s Dashboard that regularly? Especially as your post was bumped off that list in under 24 hours (it only shows the last 5 posts pulled in from entire 31 feeds it aggregates).

We’re not afflicted matey, thankfully many of us are in good health, but it’s hard sometimes to not find it difficult when we’re treated with presumptions.

Having to log into a WordPress install once every 24 hours ad infinitum just to check if someone’s posting bbPress news on another website, just seems a little daft.

Maybe when you make posts about bbPress on other websites, especially ones that have more info than has been posted here, you could do us a favour and make a little 2 line forum post on this website too. All that’s needed is “hello folks, FYI, link”.

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