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Re: bbPress plugin September 15?



Y’all don’t seem to notice that JJJ is mostly rewriting bbPress so it will work better with buddyPress specifically.

So bbPress 1.2 (please call it 2.0) being reinvented is tied directly to buddyPress 1.3

If you want clues, I’d be looking at buddyPress 1.3 release dates, not any specific commitments to bbPress itself.

Unless they are going to sweep a great deal of tickets under the rug (which happens often with WordPress so it’s not impossible with BP either) you’ve got a bit of a wait.

The key to understanding what is happening is that buddyPress is his pet project and bbPress is used as the internal engine for buddyPress groups. So if he rewrites one, has has to rewrite the other.

I didn’t completely realize this until I recently started studying what had changed in buddypress to understand why JJJ wanted to hijack bbPress. buddypress right now is essentially bloatpress and what he is doing to bbpress is specifically for his own ends to reduce BP bloat, not for the general good of bbpress users.

There are about 1000 (active) sites using bbpress inside of buddypress, so bbpress standalone is essentially being waylaid for those sites.

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