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Re: bbPress plugin September 15?



From a user prespective

@kevinjohngallagher and _CK_

i agree with you two, specially the parts where you say users and mods are updated on bbpress stuff through other sites, relying on wordpress dashboard to spread the news sounds like a last minute attempt to minimize damages, but hey…nobody is perfect)

A lot of bbpress sucess is due to pluggin developers and i think its “out of order” to post bbpress news on buddypress blog, there are moderators here that are pluggin developers that feel “betrayed and hopless” because they spend countless hours and days and nobody tells them nothing… how would you feel JJJ if it was you? i’m aware nobody is perfect but you did talk about bbpress there and even linked to so why not say something here first? “i feel” your pain mods…

about the name change… i aalso agree it should be called bbpress 2.0 but i think that alone wont stop all the confusion around different versions… i agree with you (_CK_) but newcomers will still be confused wether its 2.0 or 1.2 because the real confusion its not the name but the several different versions.

All in all i think the next version is what a lot of users wanted (pluggin integration, no more backpress etc), thing is a lot of the sucess is due to pluggin authors that spent countless hours making sure their pluggins/themes work across several versions, now they have (or not) to start over.

2 last questions:

can we install the next version on its own? where can we download the alpha/beta of it? where is it? i would like to test even if its not fully functional like we do for wordpress, i can only find reference to the pluggin version at:

not enough communication around… Good luck and thanks to everyone that works on bbpress wether coding/theming/pluggins or here maintaining the forum.

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