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Re: bbpress is slow like godaddy says?



They could find someone else to run it.

Or some hosts have a free trial period (though that is less and less thanks to spammers).

Your linux desktop is why it is so fast.

So my theory is right, under 1 second is excellent, around 1 second is good.

Anything much higher is suspect.

But I need more NFS candidates, will have to see if I have access on some of these old servers.

Let’s see if I can run it on NearlyFreeSpeech.

Aha! They are NFS. 13.26 seconds

For those that get an error even when the file is chmod 777, you’ll have to create a testing directory and move the file into there. Then chmod 777 the directory and change the first line to

error_reporting(E_ALL); $file=dirname(__FILE__)."/test.txt"; file_put_contents($file,''); $time=strtok(microtime(),' ')+strtok('');

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