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Re: bbpress is slow like godaddy says?

hi _ck_ i’m using bbpress 0.9.2. yes i’ll do that homework as soon as i have new hosting. one more thing, there was no resolution at all from godaddy.

Talking about this, it reminds me about what godaddy did to my friend 6 months ago. her hosting acc was completely expired and everything lost. when she asked for the backup godaddy charged from her 170$US.

The problem that her acc expired is that godaddy failed to automatically renew the acc. and even she did it manually but still could not. she and i thought that it was a problem with Visa card. i suggested her send an email to godaddy not to delete her acc as she had problem with her card. she also was subscribing new card.

After getting new card, she did the renew again but still failed. finally, the hosting expired.

Then she tried to buy new hosting by using the same card. yes, she succeeded. Strange? anyway, it was her fault that she didn’t do the back up.

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