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Re: bbpress future



Of, thank you guys for reply…


I’m sorry, maybe I did not explained myself clearly:

I appreciate the thing that developers like the accessibility given by ajax, and are using this in their application, but the point was to leave the core functions that are for displaying content (like wp_list_pages(); for example in wordpress) outside of ajax.

You’re right wordpress uses ajax in the core but the templating part and the content is not affected at all (only the admin CP). This way we have ajax but only where it is really necessary.

Sorry for bugging, I do understand that my problem is not the #1 priority of the project team but I was thinking maybe there is any solution, thats why I reported that. Sorry …


Maybe the problem was in the marketing. bbPress was from the start advertised as perfectly compatible and easy to be integrated with WordPress. That is a great advantage, because WordPress is already one of the most usable publishing platform on the web, and people like everything that comes with it – as a result they took bbPress as an another plugin for giant. =]

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