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Re: bbpress future

I know that you are frustrated cool2sv because WP and bbPress both use different AJAX, but it really only matters when you are doing what you are trying to do with running them both at the same time. Most users won’t be affected by this same problem you are having.

I am not saying what the developers of bbPress has done is 100% the right direction with AJAX in the core, but it was designed to be standalone and work that way. The WP integration was with logins and not developed to have them sharing libs. I have passed this on to mdawaffe, but the redesign of bbPress and its use of AJAX in the core most likely won’t be the #1 priority. WP uses AJAX in the core and so does bbPress. So which one should be blame? Automattic developers like AJAX in the core!

**Edit** As well, you could sent your request into the bbDevList as well. Just head over to the about page for the address!


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