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Re: bbPress Facebook page

@chrishajer, I know it was a recent ticket. I posted about it above. And yet the folks who are complaining about it never say thanks for agreeing it’s an issue. Which yeah, pisses me off, I admit it and I probably was a bit more bitchy than I should be. For that I apologize. I was grousing, in general, of the fact that people expect miracles. This isn’t an excuse for my attitude, and I’m not gonna delve into how I’m on Sam’s end of this at work right now. It’s a case of feeling the pain and wanting to defend my fellow techie sorts.

To anyone who felt I was attacking you personally, I didn’t mean to, and please accept my apology. Like you, I feel strongly about things, and disagreements come when people feel strongly.

To the developers: Thank you for raising a ticket on integration.

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