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Re: bbPress Facebook page

How is repeating that you’re not happy with integration, that it doesn’t work, that it fails, over and over again helping?

Ticket #1007 has been opened, by SAM and that means developers agree. It is highest priority and flagged as critical. So look, they know, they agree, and they’re working on it. Can they tell you how long it will take? No. And instead of doing what my office tries to make me do (make up an answer) they gave you the truth. It will take as long as it takes. If that doesn’t work for you, then you should move on to something else. Because those are your options, unless you want to write the code yourself and offer it up.

There are a lot of tickets (see ) and a small amount of coders. If you want to (and can) fix bugs, fix bugs. If you can only report on them, report. But once the report is there, badgering the techies to be smarter faster doesn’t help anyone. It pisses off the techs who are trying, but honestly, you can’t inspire creativity any faster than it naturally comes

So thank you for reporting that integration sucks, and that the website implies something that isn’t exactly true – bbPress .9 works with WP 2.6, but it’s not full integration. That should probably be modified to say ‘shared login’ or such. There’s a ticket up for fixing real integration, so that is something that the dev team is aware of.

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