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Re: bbPress Database Error

Sorry, I don’t check this forum daily, so here’s a late answer:

1. From what I know, it has always been like this. It’s only when I perform a search.

2. The version is bbPress and it was installed somewhere between june 26 and june 31.

3. I didn’t. I only screwed around with the template files.

4. No, they did no update or change whatsoever.

5. Like I said, it was there before the plug-ins, but here’s the list.

Private Forums, BBPress Private Messaging (not working), Post Count Plus – Dynamic.Titles & More!, Akismet, Avatar, Last-Post, Limit Latest Discussion, Bozo Users, BBcode Lite, Move It, Quote, Simple Onlinelist, Allow Images, Human Test for bbPress & Front Page Topics.

6. The second error appears only when someone perform a search. The first error is only noted in the admin area, in the first tab, beneath ‘User Registrations’.

7. Yes. It does happen.

The MySQL version is 3.23.58.

I’m not a big guy when it comes to coding/scripting, so I have no idea what these errors mean. I’m glad somebody wants to help.

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