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Re: bbPress 1.0 released

@ovizii; I have the same problem with another bbPress forum I set up, which is off a sub-domain and in a folder called /forum/. Pretty permalinks don’t work no matter what I do with the .htaccess rewrites (I get 404 errors). I tried removing the /forum/ from RewriteBase and putting the .htaccess file in the forum folder – no go. Also tried leaving it in, and putting the .htaccess file in the ‘root’ of the sub-domain – no go.

I don’t know enough about rewrite rules and what they do to fix it. The ‘standard’ .htaccess people have posted elsewhere works fine in another forum which is in the ‘root’ folder of a sub-domain, by the way. This maybe should be in another thread as it’s not 1.0 related (I’m on, but any help would be appreciated.

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