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Re: bbPress 1.0 released

Thanks r-a-y, thanks Jason_JM…

I am now convinced that I need to go straight to WP MU 2.7.1 instead of upgrading to regualr WP 2.8

The thing is that I have a running site with bbPress alpha 6 integrated and didn’t figure out the best way to switch to a WP MU + BuddyPress + bbPress 1.0 configuration.

Anyway, you’re right I should make another post for it, but where? WordPressforum? bbPress forum (here)? BuddyPress forum?


The biggest trouble I am having now is to figure out how can I test all thenew configuration and set up leaving the existing site running and than switch to the new congfig, when I see that everything works properly. Copy the existing into a subfolder and with anew database? Mmmh…

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