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Re: bbPress 1.0 released

This is a good manual way of upgrading below.

– Create a new database, call it wordpress2 or 3 or whatever. Make sure it is different from the database in use.

– Choose Option A or B Below:

Option A

– Backup (because you’ll be overwriting the old files) your http folder the server points to.

– If your httpdocs folder is called: [httpdocs] then: mv [httpdocs] [httpdocs_backup]

Option B

– Create a new directory, with correct permissions.

– Tell your webserver to serve from this new location

– Install wordpress and bbpress and assign it to use the new wordpress database.

– Get all functionality working, like integration plug-ins etc…

– Once it all works, backup the httpdocs folder. [tar -cvjf httpdocs.bz2 httpdocs] This is a good step as you can now take these working configs and stick it into a new upgraded wordpress.

– Go back and restore the old wordpress because now you will upgrade.

– Install wordpress first. Install using the Old database name, when it asks you to upgrade the database, do so.

– Install bbpress, do the same as above.

– take your Config file from the test run above, and copy them into your upgrade.

Personally, I do a complete backup on a schedule and just manually run the script again for when I do an upgrade. This script will backup all my http/https folders, my server configs, and my database all in one shot. If anything gets messed up I just do a restore and It’s like starting from scratch. No matter how messed up things get. You might want to think about that. If there is enough demand I will gladly publish these helpful scripts.

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