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Re: bbPress 1.0 released

Hi, I waited for so long for this version to be released!

I got a running WP site and a bbBress integrated forumin it.

WP is 2.7.1

bbPress is 1.0-alpha-6

In WP I use the bbPress Integration (1.0-rc-2) plugin

Did the necessary integration routine (with AUTH_KEY, SECURE_AUTH_KEY, LOGGED_IN_KEY, etc.)

Now, I want to upgrade WP to 2.8 and bbPress to 1.0, what’s the best procedure?

(Of course, I will backup files and database of both installation).

Should I upgrade WP to 2.8 first or bbPress to 1.0? (About bbPress, don’t even seem to know HOW upgrading, since I guess there isn’t an upgrading button, right?).

And what about integration? Now that those 2 version support seamlessly integration, should I delete the AUTH_KEY, SECURE_AUTH_KEY, LOGGED_IN_KEY in bb-admin.php?

And should I also delete the bbPress Integration plugin, or is it still necessary?

Well, I thought I’d ask before adventuring in the process.

Thanks to anyone who will answer…


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