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Re: bbPress 1.0 released


>> “Apart from the user roles and DB changes for larger forums, is there anything 1.0 does that might prove useful, but which I don’t know about..? “

I don’t know Sam’s position on this but I’d assume that if a bug is found in 1.0 that it will not be backported to non stable (i.e. 0.9) branch.

Again, I don’t know Sam’s position on this but for all those people under the mentality of “if it already works, don’t upgrade” … simply upgrade now knowing that you’re on the current release that is being supported might be reason enough to upgrade.

Plus, if/when that time does come that you need to upgrade … upgrading from 0.9 to the current release at that time might be more difficult in the future than it is now to upgrade from 0.9 to 1.0

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