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Re: bbPress 1.0 released



Actually my warning is geared more towards existing 0.9 users who won’t realize that 1.0 is not a simple upgrade to 0.9 like 0.9 was to 0.8 – 0.9 was just 0.8.4 with a whimsical number bump. Calling this release “1.0 final” gives the impression of well tested and compatible, which it is neither.

Someone who has been happily using 0.9 on an active site with several plugins and tries to upgrade to 1.0 is virtually guaranteed to run into problems. Even worse, if they have not backed up their database, or don’t immediately downgrade, they will lose their ability to roll back to the stable version they had.

Ignoring internet-wide standards for “alpha” vs. “beta” vs “release candidate” labels is a very dangerous thing to do as far as user experience. IMHO 1.0 is currently still at a beta level. Calling it “release candidate” and now “final” is just politics to please some of the least patient yet most vocal people around here.

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