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Re: bbPress 1.0 Release Candidate 1

After I created the missing .htaccess file and now using the RC-1 now for about an hour, it works greats.

No problems at all.

Only comments I have, other than say WAHOOOOOOOO :) is:

1. It’s feels a bit slower than ALPHA 6 but that could just be my imagination. (Hope someone ports WP SuperCache soon for caching non-logged in content … that will make a huge difference simply by having a cached front-page and user topics/posts).

2. The admin panel interface links seems a little out of alignment for Managing User & Topics but then again – I’ve modified the style.css so much – that could just be a result of that.

3. Wish the user Admin Panel had the same clean interface that the Upgrade database schema interface has. But I assume that will all come later, after 1.0.

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