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bbPress 1.0 Release Candidate 1

  • Hi everyone, bbPress 1.0 is moving beyond Alpha stage and skipping Beta to go straight into a series of Release Candidates towards a final 1.0 release. The first RC is now available for download.

    We’ve made this decision to push towards 1.0 final as the scope of what was going to be included in 1.0 has been whittled back and we have had some serious real world trials through TalkPress.

    Please note that if you are integrating bbPress with WordPress version 2.7.x or lower, you will need to add this line to your bb-config.php to maintain cookie compatibility:

    define('WP_AUTH_COOKIE_VERSION', 1);

    When you upgrade WordPress to 2.8 that line will have to be removed.

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  • grassrootspa


    This is great news Sam. Can’t wait to try this out.

    Cool. Upgrade went easy. Shared login with WP 2.7.1 works. Now to test…


    It’s doesn’t appear the .htaccess file was included because none of my URLs are working for forum posts, etc..

    Previosuly, I was running ALPHA 6.

    To upgrade, what I did was:

    1. Copied my theme directory from /old/bb-templates/mytheme ==> /rc-1/bb-templates/mytheme

    2. Copied my bb-config.php from /old/bb-config.php ==> /rc-1/bb-config.php

    3. Logged into Admin panel, ran the database update. It was successful.

    I got URLs to work by creating a .htaccess file in my root bbPress directory with the following:


    Options +MultiViews

    Works now, though it appears the file is missing this file.

    After I created the missing .htaccess file and now using the RC-1 now for about an hour, it works greats.

    No problems at all.

    Only comments I have, other than say WAHOOOOOOOO :) is:

    1. It’s feels a bit slower than ALPHA 6 but that could just be my imagination. (Hope someone ports WP SuperCache soon for caching non-logged in content … that will make a huge difference simply by having a cached front-page and user topics/posts).

    2. The admin panel interface links seems a little out of alignment for Managing User & Topics but then again – I’ve modified the style.css so much – that could just be a result of that.

    3. Wish the user Admin Panel had the same clean interface that the Upgrade database schema interface has. But I assume that will all come later, after 1.0.

    So I just noticed that the Admin panel uses a different stylesheet than the general form style sheet.

    As such, I want to report how the Admin CSS is out of alignment for management links.

    Screenshot of Admin links out of alignement

    FYI, the .htaccess file is never included in the distro. Nor are your my-* folders. It’s SOP to copy those, and your config file, over in WP and BB. Probably considered ‘understood’ for anyone using the RC.

    I can’t paginate through my users on the admin side. The links give me the URL of:


    HOWEVER if I manually put in this, it works:


    Still can’t paginate from that page, though. Then ALL the links become the userspage=2 (yes, the 2, if I change it to 3, the links are 3, etc etc). I reset my .htaccess (just in case) but no help there.

    Logged in #1076



    RE: generating the .htaccess automatically

    I’ll be working on the admin area this week to get it up to scratch. You can expect another RC next week.

    my-plugins and my-templates are now created automatically if they don’t already exist, so they will be created on all new installs.

    When i create a new forum and click on it, the site goes blank

    John James Jacoby



    Glad to see this project going on. I really look forward to a final version 1.0

    frooyo, you should put your themes in /my-templates/ not in /bb-templates/. This helps with upgrades.

    if I install this wil i be able to upgrade to stable version1 after?

    frooyo, mine doesn’t look like that at all (my admin panel alignment is fine). Did you change the /bb-admin/style.css file?

    Ben L.


    dbosch: you can always upgrade. You just can’t downgrade.




    You cannot downgrade once you upgrade, all you can do is restore a backup.

    With 0.9 upgrades, many plugins will likely stop working including several of mine.

    A note on the installer. I did an integrated install where wp and bb were in separate subdomains using separate db’s. I got it to work but in the advanced section of the cookie integration in the separate user database sections the field for user db password does not display. I made the following change in the install.php file and it worked:







    instead of the original:



    $bb_install->input_text(‘user_bbdb_password’, ‘password’);




    after that I was able to complete the install and the integration no proble. Hope this is helpful!



    Does this release still require bbPress Integration plugin for WordPress?

    Does this release still require bbPress Integration plugin for WordPress?




    ok. Strange, integration doesn’t work for me any longer.

    I have:

    define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ‘’);

    define(‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’);

    in both bb-config.php and wp-config.php since that was how i had it before.

    I also have re-checked that the keys are matching in bb-config.php and wp-config.php and that the keys matches in the backend configuration. I have nothing special in either of the .htaccess files, other than permalink setup.

    Add this to your bb-config.php

    define('WP_AUTH_COOKIE_VERSION', 1);



    sweet, thanks!

    jonkristian, Did that work for you? I am having the same issue, and adding the line did not do it for me.

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