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Re: bbPress 1.0 Release Candidate 1

Yesterday I updated a public site with a relatively inactive and fresh bbP forum from WP2.7.x and bbP1.0alpha-6 with the bbPress Integration 1.0-alpha-4.1 plugin…

to WP2.8-beta2-11509 and bbP1.0-rc-1 with the bbPress Integration 1.0-rc-2 plugin.

I haven’t done extensive testing, but the integration worked flawlessly before the upgrade (following Sam’s video tutorial sticky to the letter), and seems to work almost as well now.

The one scenario I’ve found where it doesn’t work is users logging in from bbP cannot logout from WP. All other bbP/WP login/logout combinations seem to behave as expected; however the only way I could get this to happen was to not add the wp-config.php changes suggested by the bbPress Integration plugin. When I did add those changes it broke at least WP login entirely.

I did a little bit of testing with different combinations of the definitions the bbPress Integration plugin suggests, and the details can be found in this post.


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