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Re: bbPress 1.0 alpha looks interesting



For those that know what they are doing and have subversion, you can checkout or switch to the trunk of bbPress (which will give you compatibility with WordPress 2.6)

svn switch

Unfortunately an automated download zip cannot be created because this is the first version of bbPress that uses BackPress which is automatically added by svn, but can’t be zipped by TRAC.

Here’s a ZIP’ed snapshot from yesterday:

Keep in mind that you should NOT use the bbPress trunk for live websites – it’s bound to have bugs and some might affect security. You are on your own if you chose to use this version – plugins may have some compatibility issues.

1.0 requires the 3 new WP matching keys inserted into bb-config.php (see thebb-config-sample.php for more info)

Sam could use your bug reports via TRAC if you find problems.

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