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Re: bbPress 1.0-alpha-6 released

I risked the upgrade because I got sick of having to manually set the roles everytime someone registered. It works perfectly now. Seems like the plugins dont cause any problem either, and I use quite some of them.

Little problems I encountered during installation:

  • The trunk files from the backpress linked in this topic were incomplete ( Had to download the official download link on this website.
  • I used the upgrade guide on this website. But I also deleted my htaccess files following those steps. As a result I couldn’t go to any link without getting a 404 and I had no idea what caused this. Luckily I read something about permanent urls in the backend and having to edit the htaccess, so I managed to fix it pretty fast (considering I know very little about programming and stuff).
  • I had the same cookie problem as SteveDrum. It sufficied to open both the wp-config and bb-config and just copy the auth keys from wp-config to bb-config. In the backend it seems like they were filled in, but they weren’t. The installation / upgrade didnt ask for them either.

Besides that everything looks great! :] thank you.

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