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bbPress 1.0-alpha-6 released

  • Sam Bauers


    This alpha release is to specifically address issues that arose from the last release. In addition I believe that the long standing issues with auto role assignment between WordPress and bbPress are now resolved as well.

    Download here

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  • Sam Bauers


    The download file is now fixed and you should now get alpha 6 instead of alpha 5.

    John James Jacoby


    Snip! Nevermind I see how it works…

    integration works perfectly for me now, with this new version.

    i can log in and out of bbpress or wordpress, and it automatically logs in and out of the other one. i could never get that to work with the last version.

    one tiny little thing though…. i’m not even sure that this is a mistake… but when you go to the log-in screen you always get the “Enter a username” message appear next to the username box.

    I am guessing that that is actually supposed to be an error message, and should only appear if they try amd submit without filling in the box — like it does for the password field

    actually… I spoke too soon.

    all of the different combinations work okay apart from this one…

    if i log in through wordpress, but log out of bbpress, i stay logged in to wordpress

    John James Jacoby



    Still sounds like a cookie issue. I would retrace your steps, make sure you’ve got the WordPress Integration plugin installed on the WordPress side of this. Make sure you’ve added all of the cookie info to your config files as specified, etc…

    In my opinion, for usabilities sake, it may make sense to route your log ins and registrations through 1 platform anyhow.

    cleared my cookies… checked i had that plugin working on wordpress…. but it still messes up.

    it’s only on that one example though. it works alright with all the other variations

    i looked at the cookies as i went through it.

    i start with no cookies.

    when i log in to wordpress i get quite a few cookies… two of which start with the phrase “wordpress_logged_in”

    when i log out of bbpress, only one of these cookies disappears. which is presumably why i stay logged in to wordpress.

    can i ask, should there really be two cookies called that? or should there just be one. it seems that wordpress is creating two cookies for everything, one for itself and one for bbpress

    I risked the upgrade because I got sick of having to manually set the roles everytime someone registered. It works perfectly now. Seems like the plugins dont cause any problem either, and I use quite some of them.

    Little problems I encountered during installation:

    • The trunk files from the backpress linked in this topic were incomplete ( Had to download the official download link on this website.
    • I used the upgrade guide on this website. But I also deleted my htaccess files following those steps. As a result I couldn’t go to any link without getting a 404 and I had no idea what caused this. Luckily I read something about permanent urls in the backend and having to edit the htaccess, so I managed to fix it pretty fast (considering I know very little about programming and stuff).
    • I had the same cookie problem as SteveDrum. It sufficied to open both the wp-config and bb-config and just copy the auth keys from wp-config to bb-config. In the backend it seems like they were filled in, but they weren’t. The installation / upgrade didnt ask for them either.

    Besides that everything looks great! :] thank you.

    I spoke too soon. My private message plugin turns up a 404 page now.


    I use bbPress-alpha-6 and WP2.7 with the “bbPress Integration” plugin. I’ve configured both plugin and bbPress in order to get a full integration, but I can’t be connected in both sites at the same time. I tried modifying bb-config.php file and copying the wp-config.php LOGGED_IN_KEY and AUTH_KEY strings to bb-config.php, and then I could be connected in both sites, but I couldn’t go to the bbPress’ admin.

    Any idea? Maybe I’ll get a full integration if I use Backpress, as suggested ganzua?

    mrc2407: Do you have both bbpress and wp installed in the same database and sharing the user table? (wp_users)

    martenk: Yes, I do, but in my case the users database is blog_users (I hope it won’t mind)

    The only time I saw mrc2407’s error was when my KEY strings weren’t actually matched up. After I dumped all cookies and repasted from WP into BB, it magically started working.

    Ipstenu: I still have the same problem. I’ve checked if KEY strings matched, and they do.

    WP KEY:

    define('AUTH_KEY', 'this is my key');

    bbPress KEY:

    define('BB_AUTH_KEY', 'this is my key');

    I’ve tried th change “BB_AUTH_KEY” (bbPress KEY) to “AUTH_KEY”, but it still doesn’t work…

    I’ve tried the last few versions, and always get the following errors:

    Warning: mysql_error(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/wordpress/bbpress/bb-includes/backpress/class.bpdb.php on line 377 along with:

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2) etc.

    This happens between doing an upgrade or a clean install, no plugins. Any ideas?

    I’ve browsed the forums, but I couldn’t spot any details on the expected release date of another alpha or the beta?



    Keep browsing:

    No release date that I know of.

    I’ve installed this version of bbPress, and evrything works perfect ;)

    Has anybody got WP 2.7.1 to work with bbPress 1.06 Alpha? I tried for hours, but then did WP 2.7.0 and got it on the first try.



    Hey Guys,

    I just installed bbPress with integration with WP, everything went well even the login integration.

    But now I’m getting ‘Page not found’ for any page I try to access in the Forum.

    I’ve installed the latest alpha version Version 1.0-alpha-6. (that’s should be the forum)

    is someone facing the same problem?



    Adding to my last post.

    I just can see me logged in and also the profile pages.



    I just finished installing Alpha-6 and integrating it with WP 2.7.1

    It all worked great and users are shared.

    There’s just one problem. All new users in bbpress are being

    automatically set to “inactive” instead of “member”. Even the

    keymaster in the forum has the word “inactive” displaying

    (even when I manually changed it too on his profile).

    Any ideas?

    Hey guys, I really recomend you to stop trying to make 2.7 work with BB alpha.

    Use the undergrade cookie plugin to wordpress and everything is resolved. It’s so simple that you don’t need to do nothing.

    Besides that, you will be able to use CK plugins without any problems and be able to make a much safer upgrade when 1.0 is released.

    Sorry for english :)



    All new users in bbpress are being automatically set to “inactive” instead of “member”

    I found this happened if I tried to pull in wp_head() or anything else WP related into bbP. You’re best replicating the theme…



    Hi guys. I’m currently trying out the 1a6 release however when I attempt to delete any tag from a post I get a message stating: “Your attempt to remove this tag from this topic has failed. Please try again.”

    I have tried this with multiple tags. Is this a unique bug or are others having the same issue?



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