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Re: bbPress 1.0-alpha-4 released

Okay, I made a ‘double’ cookie by doing this: $bb->sitecookiepath = '/blog/'; but it still won’t let me be logged into BOTH at once. Grr. I can be logged into WP and WPAdmin, or BB and BBAdmin and WPAdmin, but never BB and WP :/

If I don’t modify the bb-config file, I can’t log in at all to bbPress. Am I the only one who has WordPress loaded in a subdirectory, with the index kicking back to the main root? That’s about the only thing I have left to try and I really don’t want to screw up my permalinks.

Of possible relevance, the logged_in cookie never gets removed from my cookie jar on Firefox when I log out of bbPress OR WordPress.

Edit: Or maybe I’m just a frackin’ idiot.

I repasted in the Auth Keys and now it’s working… Dude. I keep telling people at work that the average IQ drops 50 points between Thanksgiving and New Years (which is how I explain people making boneheaded mistakes). The new guy asked ‘Does that mean us to?’ and I said “Of course! Watch, you’ll make the stupidest, most obvious screw up in your life in a week or so.” Today was mine, apparently.

I’m going to hang my head in shame.

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