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Re: bbPress 1.0-alpha-4 released

configure the WordPress plugin and also follow it’s instructions to modify the wp-config.php file in WordPress.

Did that.

Further to this, you should clear out any manual settings you have made to bb-config.php in bbPress and re-check your settings in the “WordPress integration” page in bbPress admin.

Did that.

Then clear all your cookies and retest.

Did that (went in to Firefox’s cookies and after logging out, whacked everything from my domain).

Result: Login is not shared as I think it should be.

If I login on bbPress I can get into my WordPress admin area, but I do not show up as logged in on the WordPress ‘regular’ side. If I go to comment, it says I’m not logged in.

Also, if I have this line in, I can’t log in to both at the same time:

$bb->logged_in_cookie = 'wordpress_logged_in_<long string>';

I think clearly something’s wrong on my end, but damned if I can sort out what!


I watched my cookies as I logged into bbPress after being logged into WordPress.

WordPress makes two entries for wordpress_logged_in_<long string>! Both have ‘Domain’ of, and then path of / and /blog/

bbPress has one entry and it has Host of (no leading . ) and path of /

I fixed the host/domain part by setting $bb->cookiedomain = ''; but I’m pretty convinced this double existence of the logged_in cookie is what’s screwing me up.

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