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Re: bbPress released



sorry for all the posts, but I just put back my original 0.9 bbpress forum version… because I could not get this to install. It just kept saying that there was an old config.php file somewhere so it wouldn’t install. But I even deleted everything, and just uploaded all the new files like I was installing bbpress for the first time, and still it said that there was an old config.php file.

First I followed the directions, re-naming my config file, and keeping my plugins folder and template folder, and deleted everything else. Then, I uploaded the new files. Went to my site, and error, old config.php detected.

you know what would be cool? If someone could just make a plug-in that people could use that would upgrade their forum to the new version somehow without having to upload new files….

I used to use a simple machines forum, and they would do that, when there was a new version, you could just install the new version as a plug-in. worked great.

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