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Re: bbPress released

Sam Bauers


Looks like you got the $bb_table_prefix wrong when you installed, it should have been different to the wordpress prefix.

Change $bb_table_prefix from “wp_” to “bb_” in bb-config.php then rename you bbPress tables thusly:

wp_forums -> bb_forums
wp_tagged -> bb_tagged
wp_tags -> bb_tags
wp_topicmeta -> bb_topicmeta
wp_topics -> bb_topics


Do not rename wp_posts, wp_users or wp_usermeta!

This will still leave you without a bb_posts table. So if you have a way to browse your database (e.g. phpMyAdmin) then go into the bb_topicmeta table and look for the row with a meta_key of bb_db_version. Change the meta_value of that row from 1234 to 1233. Login to your bbPress (hopefully it works) then go to the admin section. You will be asked to upgrade, do so and check the log. You should see a log entry where your bb_posts table is created.

That should do it.

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