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Re: Basic integration screencast

I use bbPress 1.0-rc-3 and WP 2.8. I’m not sure if this is a problem or not. Here is what’s going on…

I installed bbpress this afternoon and things went fairly well. I followed Sam’s screencast on intergrating bbpress with my WP site. (which is superb!) After following the instructions exactly, I could not get to my WP dashboard. (Though I could login) I deleted the “bbpress Integration” plugin and removed the lines it had me put in wp-config.php. I could then get to my dashboard, and logging into my site or forum logged me into the other. (logging out worked too)

I added a “Forum” page to my site that when clicked redirects the user to my forum. I discovered recently that when I log into my website and click the “Forum” link to administer my forum… I am logged in as I should be, but I cannot access my bbpress Admin page. (I can access the bbpress Admin page when I log directly into the forum as well as when I log into my site and type the forum URL into the address bar. Just not by clicking the link on my site.)

Do you think it because I am not using the “bbpress Integration” plugin or is there a different problem with my installation?

My site is at

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