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Re: Basic integration screencast

Perfect video, couldn’t do the integration with out it.

Just 1 minor problem:

– I’m using wordpress 2.6.5 (I think) with bbPress 1.0-Alpha-6. I could fully integrate the logins, but not the Admin panel.

There’s that plugin (showed over the last minutes off the video) to make possible login at WordPress and get access to the Admin panel. Unfortunately, it sais that you need to use at least WP 2.7 for it to work.

Well, I actually tried to install and activate it in my WP 2.6, it worked and generated me the “define(‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’);” code.

But in the end, it doesnt work like expected. Probably because of the 2.7 minimum requirement.

Is there any solution to make this work out? I just need this last step working to keep it 100% integrated.

Best regards.

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