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Basic integration screencast

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  • Hi all,

    I can’t run the video after 3:37

    At this time it starts over.

    How can i do ?


    Ipstenu is right when he says: “the other thing to do is re-replace all your AUTH/SECURE etc keys in BBpress with the ones from WP. ALL of them. Every last one.”

    Even though I followed the video exactly, my define(‘BB_LOGGED_IN_KEY’ was missing a in the middle of the string (even though I had copied the whole string from ‘ to ‘ before. So apparently at 14:00 in the video, when you save the settings, bbPress (can) screw up the BB_LOGGED_IN_KEY that you put in, when saving it to the actual cfg file.

    thanks sam this helped me enormously ith my Buddypress and WPMU install for the alpha version, I now have it working thanks to the video pointing out that alpha works with wp 2.7 and also now with wpmu 2.7

    great video as I get older moving pictures tends to help my brain function…

    It all went well until…

    I can log into both as admin fine using the same username and password, so integration worked well, BUT, if I log into the forum I have to then log into the WP too, and vice versa, it doesnt do both at once.

    I try and go to the post thats there to read it and it takes me to my WP 404 page.

    The intial welcoming message that comes with BBPress is at

    My WP is and the BBPress is at

    I followed the video really carefully :(

    So two problems. One pretty major lol

    I have integration working in that I can also log into both with the same user name and password. No problem with posting to the forum.

    I really need to be able to be automatically logged into bbpress when I’m logged into WordPress, but this doesn’t work at all. I followed all the steps also, but it’s still not working. Any ideas?

    Another weird thing was that every time I tried to save new salts in the bbpress wordpress integration it would log me out of bbpress and not save. I added the info manually to the bb_topicmeta table and now I can change and save these values any time from the options interface

    I realized what I did wrong, I didn’t follow all the steps quite sequentially, I had to set the keys manually in bb-config.php, and copied the define statements directly out of wp-config.php without realizing the constant names were supposed to start with BB_

    Anyway this was an upgrade of both WP and bbPress, as opposed to brand new installs, and they seem to be working pretty well so far…

    I have fixed the not being able to open a topic.

    I still not logged in at WP when logging into BB and vice versa.

    Thanks for the screencast! Exactly what I was looking for & help so much. Followed it and integration is working perfectly.

    John Blackbourn


    @sambauers: This video is absolutely spot on. If you follow it step by step, integration works, period. Thank you for your time and effort!



    My BBPress installation cannot find my salt cookies even when I plug them into the install from wp-config.

    They do not appear in my WPMU admin options menu.

    I always get this message at the end of install:

    >>> WordPress “auth” cookie salt not set.

    >>>>>> Could not fetch “auth” cookie salt from the WordPress options table.

    >>>>>> You will need to manually define the “auth” cookie salt in your database.

    >>> WordPress “logged in” cookie salt not set.

    >>>>>> Could not fetch “logged in” cookie salt from the WordPress options table.

    >>>>>> You will need to manually define the “logged in” cookie salt in your database.

    Forum could not be created!

    Nevertheless, I get an email saying that the install was successful. But when I go to the BBPress admin in the WPMU dashboard it doesn’t see the installation.


    i have just recently got bbpress alpha 6 to work with my installation of wordpress 2.7… just how long will it be until it is safe to move the integration to a live site?




    1st of all, thanks for this screen-cast.

    I have followed your screen-cast and succeeded with integrating WP 2.7.1 and BB 1.0 alpha 6 in different directories. (WordPress) (bbPress)

    My issue is that logging in and out is working fine as long as WP handles log-in and out! And not the other way when logging out from BB.

    Issue 1:

    When I log-in to my WP and go to BB log-in works fine, also the other way from BB to WP.

    But if I log out fron BB and go back to WP – I’m logged out but the META link is not updated and WP thinks I’m still logged in (which I’m not!)

    How can I make the log-out work through BB aswell.

    Issue 2:

    Registering through BB gives me no role inside WP!

    I have bbPress integration plug-in (wp) installed and everything else is working fine! Roles are made inside BB-WP integration just like in the screen-cast.

    Can someone please help!



    I have to say, this was an incredibly useful tutorial on getting the puppy installed with wp 2.7. One item you forgot to include in you video and leaving it out prevented me from completing the install – users will need to grab the $table_prefix value from the config.php file in order to complete the install. This is the wp_ value.

    Other than that, you saved me and countless others valuable time. Thanks again and I look forward to more videos. Now, if there was some way to seamlessly integrate theme into the forums via CSS consistency, that would be great. Hey, maybe there is an easier way than modifying CSS.

    Why is this video so prominent when it requires the unstable alpha version? Two stickies up and _CK_ is telling us not to use the alpha.



    Well i didn’t get the 0.9 WP integration to work so couldn’t stop myself using the alpha with the help of the screencast and it seems to work fine with just the Akismet and Human Test plugins.

    There was one bug i found when deleting the only topic in a forum but that has been resolved in the trunk so i was able to copy that fix.

    Perfect video, couldn’t do the integration with out it.

    Just 1 minor problem:

    – I’m using wordpress 2.6.5 (I think) with bbPress 1.0-Alpha-6. I could fully integrate the logins, but not the Admin panel.

    There’s that plugin (showed over the last minutes off the video) to make possible login at WordPress and get access to the Admin panel. Unfortunately, it sais that you need to use at least WP 2.7 for it to work.

    Well, I actually tried to install and activate it in my WP 2.6, it worked and generated me the “define(‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’);” code.

    But in the end, it doesnt work like expected. Probably because of the 2.7 minimum requirement.

    Is there any solution to make this work out? I just need this last step working to keep it 100% integrated.

    Best regards.



    Hi Thanks for this video. I am sure I will get it all done. I am at the moment getting to the point where I need to *select* the keymaster account. In the video there’s a drop down menu on this page where you select admin. For some reason I need to enter the username, email etc. This indicates to me that something went wrong.

    The only problem I had was trying to find the salts as I could only get logged_in_salt from options.php. The first time install I took the other salts from mu config, the second time I left them empty as per the instructions but I got an error as auth_salt was needed. I then only took the auth_salt from mu config.

    There’s obviously a cookie problem at

    Can you please tell me how to correct this situation?

    Thanks and regards



    Hi Is this thread dead? Sorry but then I have to post the above anew as three days is reasonable to assume it’s dead.

    johanh, I recomend you to use 0.9 with plugin to undergrade wordpress cookie system. It’s flawless.



    @filiped thanks. I got this done now for login/cookies between bbpres/buddypress

    Will this integration work for MU WordPress ?

    @filiped What is this “undergrade cookie” plugin? Can you post a link?


    Thanks for the awesome video tut. Bad thing is that we cant use Alpha version on live sites yet. and 0.9 is not compatible.

    is there any other forum that can be merged with WP 2.7 that shares user DB and passwords?

    I’m so happy for you all with working integration. I couldn’t get my log-in/logout integrated. In other words, I log in to one, then must log in to the other.

    Thinking it was something in my theme, I started completely fresh after trying everything to get my existing WP site 100%.

    Today, clean server – root installation – new WP, new bbpress, followed video! edited, checked, double checked and still … utter frustration.

    log in to one, logs you out of the other and vice versus. All the cookies show and disappear. looks just like the video.

    I will try for a few more hours some day, then I quit. Good Luck to all.


    Are you trying the stable release of both or the latest development ones?

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