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Re: Basic installation help



1. If your website is in public_html, then I would put the folder inside that folder, so you would have this:






When you unzip bbPress, it will create a folder called bbpress. Rename that folder to whatever you want before you upload it.

Uncompress it on your desktop, then rename it, then upload the whole thing to public_html.

4. Well, if /public_html resolves to your domain at and you renamed your bbpress folder to discussions, you would visit and start the installation.

If you want a link to the forum in your WordPress menu, you will need to create a Page with a slug that is identical to your folder name. So, if you called your folder discussions, create a Page called Discussions with a slug of discussions and if you’re using permalinks in WordPress, that menu item will serve up the bbPress installation.

There are also plugins that will allow you to redirect a page to another URL. You might need to do something like that.

Custom Field Redirect:

Page Links To:

There are ways to do it in a page template as well, but you might not need any of that. Create a page with the slug named the same as your forum folder, and it should ‘just work’.

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