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Basic installation help

  • I have two noob questions re: the installation instructions here:

    > 2. Upload the uncompressed files to your server

    Where on the server? Do I upload the files to /public_html? to /public_html/wp-admin? etc.

    I’ve read elsewhere that you should upload the uncompressed *folder* (i.e., “bbpress”) and its files. But the #2 says to upload the files? Which is it? I’ve also read elsewhere that you might want to rename the folder “bbpress” to something like “forum,” because this will determine the URL to your forum. Is that still the case? The author’s instructions don’t mention this, but it seems important.

    > 4. Visit the intended URL of the bbPress site

    How do I create the intended URL? Do I need to create a new WordPress page and call it something like “Forum”?

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  • chrishajer


    1. If your website is in public_html, then I would put the folder inside that folder, so you would have this:






    When you unzip bbPress, it will create a folder called bbpress. Rename that folder to whatever you want before you upload it.

    Uncompress it on your desktop, then rename it, then upload the whole thing to public_html.

    4. Well, if /public_html resolves to your domain at and you renamed your bbpress folder to discussions, you would visit and start the installation.

    If you want a link to the forum in your WordPress menu, you will need to create a Page with a slug that is identical to your folder name. So, if you called your folder discussions, create a Page called Discussions with a slug of discussions and if you’re using permalinks in WordPress, that menu item will serve up the bbPress installation.

    There are also plugins that will allow you to redirect a page to another URL. You might need to do something like that.

    Custom Field Redirect:

    Page Links To:

    There are ways to do it in a page template as well, but you might not need any of that. Create a page with the slug named the same as your forum folder, and it should ‘just work’.

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