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Re: Allow Image plugin question



I guess I don’t understand the reason for both #thread1 and #thread in the CSS. Why is that? Is your intention that the CSS for #thread also applies to #thread1? (it doesn’t since they are both distinctly named ids.)

If you want the max width of the images in both #thread1 and #thread to be 600px, you would have to edit the CSS for both those ids.

You should probably also validate your CSS here:

Don’t give up on it, I suspect it’s a simple thing you’re overlooking that makes it not work. Maybe it’s as simple as a cached stylesheet so that after you make a change, it still doesn’t appear to limit the width of the image, even thought it would if the new stylesheet was actually used. I find Firefox does that sometimes even after a CTRL-SHIFT-R. View the stylesheet being used to see if it actually has the changes you made in it. If you load the stylesheet URL directly and the changes are not there, CTRL-SHIFT-R that page and usually it loads the stylesheet again, then go back to your webpage and the stylesheet with your changes should be in use.

Off topic: I wish there were a place one could go to check your site for all the CSS classes, ids and just plain markup you use in the HTML and PHP (web pages), then show you the extra CSS in your stylesheet that is not used in the code at all. That way you could clean the cruft out of your stylesheet and it also might point out things that are not working the way you thought they were.

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