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Re: Advice on integrating WP blog and bbPress in Swedish



Thanks for help. I am moving forward. I deleted both WP and bbPress and started again and made progress. The blog and the forum are integrated but I cannot get bbSync to work. Both work by temselves and I can log in with same id and password but cannot get posts into forum.


Blog at

Forum at

WordPress 2.3.2 installed 22 january 2008

theme WordPress Default 1.6 changed colors in head with panel

bbPress installed 22 january 2008 for WP installed 22 january 2008 for bbPress installed 22 january 2008

bbSync version 0.94 installed 22 january 2008

bbSync gave message “It needs your config!:)

I did that! succesfully I thought.

But when trying to write new post in blog:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class streamreader in /mnt/home/_g/goranlin/ on line 26

but going back to blog the new post is there but still not in Forum

line 24-26 in streams.php is:

// Simple class to wrap file streams, string streams, etc.

// seek is essential, and it should be byte stream

class StreamReader {

// should return a string [FIXME: perhaps return array of bytes?]

function read($bytes) {

return false;

I have no clue how to do anything about this! All help is welcome!

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