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Advice on integrating WP blog and bbPress in Swedish

  • Göran


    I want to create a WordPress blog and integrate it with a discussion forum in bbPress, They are said to work well together. Every new post in the blog should generate a new discussion thread in the forum. If possible I would also like to have a more static first page in the blog where new posts occupy perhaps half of the area. I would also like to have some space for short forms of RSS-feeds from other websites and blogs.

    I like to do all of it in Swedish and want to do it as easily as possible. It is then practical to use a theme that is already translated into Swedish, right? I think K2 looks clean and is translated and ready for many plugins. It is supposed to be easy to customize so changing the color scheme into someting like I have in my present blog is hopefully easy? (Görans digitaltips

    I post this in both WP and bbPress forum since it concerns both.

    All advice is gratefully recieved! Address to blogs and forums doing similar things are most welcome!

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  • It doesn’t matter what theme you use, you can localise your installs of bbpress and wordpress to translate everything to Swedish. Sandbox is a commonly used theme starting point but I’d just start with whatever looks most similar to the end-effect you want to achieve.

    Do you have any questions about what you’re trying to do?



    Thank you for your answer. Localization demands that there is a translated .mo-file for the theme to work, does it not?

    I like the WP-K2beta2 theme but I am unsure how to change color scheme. Some wp-themes are easier to change color for than others I think, is that correct?

    I think what I want to achieve can be done with the wp plugin bbsync but wp and bbpress are supposed to be integrated for that and I do not know how to do that. Is it a good start to first create a folder called blog and place wp in there and them create a new folder within that called bbpress and place bbpress in there?

    All suggestion and advice are most welcome, this is my first attempts with WordPress and bbPress.



    Dear fel46 I have just seen that you have created bbsync so you seems very compentent to answer my elementary questions! I suspect all the answers are somewhere in the support pages for wp and bbpress but it is not easy to put all the pieces together and find out what to do.

    You do need a localisation file, but if one doesn’t come with the topic it’s typically the sort of thing you can do for yourself.

    Some wp themes let you set the colour scheme in the admin panel (Mandigo for one), but it’s a fairly simple task to open the style.css file and change the hex colour-codes (once you understand what they are).

    Having bb as a subdirectory of wp is a good start but it’s not necessary as far as I know. My wp install is in a folder /wordpress/, while bb is in the forums subdomain. This should be everything you need to know on integration:



    Thanks for help. I am moving forward. I deleted both WP and bbPress and started again and made progress. The blog and the forum are integrated but I cannot get bbSync to work. Both work by temselves and I can log in with same id and password but cannot get posts into forum.


    Blog at

    Forum at

    WordPress 2.3.2 installed 22 january 2008

    theme WordPress Default 1.6 changed colors in head with panel

    bbPress installed 22 january 2008 for WP installed 22 january 2008 for bbPress installed 22 january 2008

    bbSync version 0.94 installed 22 january 2008

    bbSync gave message “It needs your config!:)

    I did that! succesfully I thought.

    But when trying to write new post in blog:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class streamreader in /mnt/home/_g/goranlin/ on line 26

    but going back to blog the new post is there but still not in Forum

    line 24-26 in streams.php is:

    // Simple class to wrap file streams, string streams, etc.

    // seek is essential, and it should be byte stream

    class StreamReader {

    // should return a string [FIXME: perhaps return array of bytes?]

    function read($bytes) {

    return false;

    I have no clue how to do anything about this! All help is welcome!

    You need to have wordpress and bbpress more fully integrated, that is, require wordpress before bbpress is run in bb’s config.php file. I think all that is in that link, under the last section.



    I did not get them working together and using bbSync. I have looked at the examples mentioned in other threads but I have not found any webbsite where the posts in the blog have generated a new comment in the forum. Are there any such examples? It seems to me that all of them have links back and forth but where is bbSync used? And using another language than English seems to have given problems to many more than me.

    I really liked the idea of generating forum posts from a blog which would give a more equal discussion than comments to a blog. But where can I find a working example in a non-English language?

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