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Re: A very brief standards reivew…

Standards are good, but sometimes It’s not wise to sacrifice usability or maintainability for standards. Proper isn’t always best, but when you can do the best properly, then it’s recommended.

When I said it was not important, I meant it’s not as important as many other things on the forums, I’m the kind of people that sticks to standards when possible.

And yes, what’s tag soup?According to wikipedia it’s “HTML code written without regard for the rules of HTML structure and semantic”. Honestly I think that applying that phrase to software that is mostly standards compliant is not right. Changing one ingredient doesn’t turn a steak into a soup, this term should be applied to websites that step on the whole HTML specification. It could be “insulting” to call this carefully coded software “tag soup”. But that’s just me …

It would be nice though, to see what you can contribute to the project, I know your comments are intended to help, and it would rock to see them turn into palpable produce.

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