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Re: A very brief standards reivew…

SamBauers is right, text/html is right and “application/xhtml+xml” + IE6 = headaches. And it’s really not that important.

On the other hand, the inline styling parts are more of a problem for people who want to design a theme. To edit the tag cloud I had to edit the code so it could support changing colors. If you could make a class for each step, it would be easier to customize the cloud.

point 4 .. .well I wouldn’t know about it since I don’t have a colour deficiency, but I can barely notice the change of color. Still, because of the structure of the forum, I am able to differentiate between topics easily, might be something to think about.

Why not help the project out by editing the default theme so it validates properly and is more accessible (I wouldn’t change the text/html part though) without changing the current looks, if it’s properly executed and it doesn’t make things harder for developers, it might become the official one. Collaborate :)

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