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Re: A phpBB to bbPress database converter

One problem I ran into was that I already had a few existing users on the wordpress side, which led to conflicting unique user IDs. I got the importer to work, but some of the posts were under the wrong user names b/c of conflicting unique user IDs between wordpress/bbpress and the old phpbb board I tried to import.

I haven’t been able to try it yet ( is down), but they have a mod called Change User ID that seems to do exactly what its name suggests. If so, I intend to use it to change the three user IDs that are conflicting from 2, 3, and 6 to 99992, 99993, and 99996 respectively. That way, when I import the phpbb tables there will just be “blanks” in the sequential unique user IDs for the existing wordpress IDs to fit into.

Hope this is helpful…

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