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Re: 404 Error ~ New installation.



I have admin rights for ONE of my own three profiles, but that ‘fix’ didn’t change the other two and I can’t get them open to do anything to them. If I could get anypages to open, I would have a betterchance there, so I’m NOT worried about that.

I’m worried about the 404 pages. I stated earlier all the steps I had taken and one of those steps WAS to set my mods to false. When I originally uploaded,I did have them set to ‘slugs’ ~ but they’ve been set tofalse since just an hour or so after I originally uploaded because I had found that info in the thread that I mentioned earlier.

I just copied that line from my config.php file:

// Set to true if you want pretty permalinks, set to ‘slugs’ if you want to use slug based pretty permalinks.

$bb->mod_rewrite = ‘false’;

I have just finished customizing my blog and and ready to move on to my forums, but I’m really scared to start putting that work in ~~~ and yes, it’s work for me, I don’t know css, so everything I do is a ‘trial and error’ process, as is my work in php,, C+ (you get the picture) ~~~ for fear that I’ll do it all and never be able to get pages in the forums to open.



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